Teth (The Path of Creativity)


Teth, the "Path of Creativity", is akin to the central nervous system of the Tree of Life. It is the path that gives rise to creativity, romance, and playfulness, and is guided by great power, strength and authority. People on this path tend to see their greatest success when they are generous and loyal.

Position in the Tree of Life

Teth connects the sephirots, or spheres, of Chesed and Gevurah in the Hebrew Tree of Life. Chesed occupies the 4th position in the Tree of Life and is associated with love and kindness, representing the opportunities, positive results, and prosperity that comes from our thoughts, emotions and actions. In Jewish tradition, this sephira is ruled over by the Guardian angel Tzadqiel. Gevurah occupies the 5th position in the Tree of Life and the sphere is associated with restraint and discipline, the challenges and the conflicts that we need to overcome in life, and the capabilities and qualities that we must possess in order to face these challenges. In Jewish tradition, this sephira is ruled over by the Guardian angel Kamael.

Personality Type

A person on the Path of Teth is a natural leader, who has difficulty taking orders. They tend to enjoy being the center of attention, and to have a magnetic personality that enables them to achieve this by virtue of their charm, wit, and their ability to motivate and inspire others. Teth people tend to be bold, adventurous, and ambitious, and will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, never taking no for an answer and sometimes coming across as dominating and stubborn. They are very focused on their ideals, and this can make them somewhat extreme in their nature, and potentially too emotional for their own good.

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Public Figures That Are Teth (The Path of Creativity) in Judaism