Dhanus (Archer)

Optimistic and Cheerful

A Dhanus person tends to be hopeful, optimistic, and cheerful in their disposition. They have an easy time seeing the positive aspects of any matter, and their cheerful nature makes them tend to be gregarious socially. Oftentimes a Dhanus person will have no difficulty attracting friends as a result of their disposition.

Independent and Free

A Dhanus person loves independence and freedom, and abhors the idea of being tied down or restricted in any way. Their fondness for liberty and independence can sometimes make it hard for them to settle down, leading to restlessness or feelings of anxiety whenever they feel restrained in any way.

Direct and Fearless

The Dhanus personality is extremely frank and direct. They are always outspoken and to the point, and seen as a "straight-shooter" by all those that they interact with. There is a fearlessness to them that stems from their optimistic and free nature, which makes them great allies to have in adverse conditions as they will not tremble or falter no matter what comes their way. Of course, their lack of timidity in expressing their opinions can sometimes make them come across as tactless or impersonal to others.

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Public Figures That Are Dhanus (Archer) in Hinduism