Vrishaba (Bull)

Perseverant and Determined

Vrishaba are enduring and very patient, willing to persevere in the face of difficulty until they accomplish what they set out to do. They may be slow and steady, but they are possessed of strong will, and are determined to accomplish any task they set their mind to. For a Vrishaba, anything they choose to do tends to be thought out beforehand and is done well by virtue of their penchant for hard work and sheer determination. However, their perseverance and determination can also have a downside, as when they encounter opposition a Vrishaba can sometimes become overly stubborn, unyielding, and even aggressive.

Sincere and Trustworthy

Vrishaba people tend to be sincere, reliable, and trustworthy. As friends, it is difficult to find someone who will be more sympathetic and dependable than a Vrishaba. While they can be somewhat reserved at times, they are nonetheless social, fun-loving, and great appreciators of beauty, art, music, literature, and pleasurable activities. However, at times, a Vrishaba’s fondness for the finer things in life and the allure of pleasurable activities can make them prone to materialism or laziness.

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Public Figures That Are Vrishaba (Bull) in Hinduism