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What the Experts Say

World-renowned scientists and spiritual experts agree: Sol is a revolutionary tool to help you connect, spiritually.

Questions? Answers.

  • What is “spirituality”?

    According to science, spirituality is anything that helps you feel connected to some force for good that is greater than yourself. This greater positive force can be something secular and non-religious (like nature, humanity, or the universe), or it can be a specific religious concept or entity (like God).
  • Why is spirituality important?

    Over the last 20 years an overwhelming amount of scientific research shows that spiritual activity is essential to leading a healthy life. Brain scan data shows that doing a spiritual practice like meditation or prayer strengthens and improves brain function. Specifically, it helps you to develop a thicker parietal cortex, which is the part of the brain that protects against depression, substance abuse, and mental illness. In other words, engaging in a spiritual activity “exercises your brain” in ways that lead to a healthier life. So being spiritually active is one of the most important things you can do to be healthy.
  • Is spirituality the same as religion?

    No. You can be spiritual and not follow any particular faith. Just feeling connected to some greater positive force like nature, humanity, or the universe counts as being spiritual. Of course, if you do have a faith or tradition that has a specific name for this greater force for good - a name like “God” - then feeling connected to that also counts as being spiritual. Spirituality is about experiencing a feeling of positive connection, not about what it is you feel connected to.
  • How can I be more spiritual?

    Since spirituality is all about feeling connected to something positive that is greater than yourself, being more spiritual is all about connecting. This can come from connecting with your “true self” (the part of you that is bigger than just what you see in the mirror each morning), connecting with other kindred spirits and communities, connecting with the present moment, or using practices to connect with a higher power (however you might define that). Sol provides you with the tools to make these types of connections, no matter your background, lifestyle, or experience level.
  • If spirituality is the key to wellness, what are organizations doing about it?

    Based on the growing body of scientific evidence about the benefits of spiritual practice, organizations like the U.S. Army are making spiritual wellness a core component of their health and fitness programs. Alongside physical and mental wellness, spiritual wellness is now part of the Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness program. Many other organizations around the world are starting to make spiritual wellness a part of their wellbeing initiatives as well.
  • How can Sol help me find my “True Self”?

    Every person’s journey of self-discovery is different, so at Sol we provide you with a wide variety of self-discovery tools to help you in your journey to discover the “real” you. On Sol you will find positive affirmations, personality assessments, your name meanings and origins, self-reflection exercises, journaling, astrology and horoscopes according to various traditions from around the world, and more.
  • How can Sol help me find kindred spirits?

    Spiritual wellness is about positive connection, so at Sol we want to provide you with tools to help you to connect more deeply with those you care about and other people who share your spiritual interests. We offer a number of social tools such as personality matching, romantic compatibility, relationship tips, gift ideas, recommended shared activities, personalized support groups (“Sol Circles”), and other spiritual communities.
  • How can Sol help me build “Real Wellness”?

    In many ways, spiritual wellness is the foundation upon which all other wellness - like mental and physical wellness - is built. At Sol, we provide ancient and modern spiritual wellness tools from all around the world that fit your lifestyle and beliefs. These include meditation, sound therapy, prayer, breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, and other body work, mantras and chants, fasting and diets, nature and grounding practices, and art and music practices. Whatever you are into, and whatever beliefs you have, Sol is a place that helps you connect spiritually, and strengthen your overall wellbeing.
  • I already follow a religion, why would I need Sol?

    For nearly every major spiritual tradition in the world, Sol provides you with a complete calendar, set of spiritual practices, readings, videos, inspirational quotes, articles and more to help you deepen and practice your faith. Whether you want to follow one tradition exclusively or combine it with aspects of others, Sol gives you the tools to make your spiritual journey uniquely yours.
  • I’m an atheist. Why would I use Sol?

    You don’t need to believe in the existence of God or gods to enhance spiritual wellness. Fostering connections to positive forces outside one’s self, such as nature, humanity or the universe are all ways to be spiritual without practicing a particular religion. At Sol, we offer many practices to help develop and deepen feelings of spiritual connection, no matter what your beliefs or experience.