Kumbha (Water-bearer)

Principled and Unselfish

Kumbha people tend to act according to principle and to focus their energies and efforts on endeavors that help others, or humanity as a whole, rather than themselves. They are deeply principled people who have a deep sense of honor, and will pursue things or causes that they see as morally right, even if they know that by doing so they will fail or cause discomfort to themselves.

Thoughtful and Intelligent

Kumbha people tend to be big thinkers, and to be highly intellectual and innovative in their way of thinking. They think profound thoughts, are shrewd and clear headed, and are blessed with an ability to generate new and fresh ideas. But while their mental intensity can lead to breakthrough thinking, they can also get so lost in their thoughts that they come across to others as impersonal or out-of-touch with reality.

Outspoken and Serious

Their strong sense of principles and active minds often mean that a Kumbha has a hard time keeping their thoughts to themselves. They are often very outspoken about their opinions and ideas on matters. And their desire to discuss big, new ideas can give them a serious demeanor.

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Public Figures That Are Kumbha (Water-bearer) in Hinduism