Mayan Tradition

Cane (Ben)

Strong and Resilient

A Cane person is strong and resilient, like the trunk of thousand-year-old tree. They tend to have a strong character with an ingrained resiliency that comes from an inner belief that the hardships of life only make them stronger and mistakes only help them to learn and grow. A Cane’s inner strength comes from these and other strong principles and beliefs.

Confident and Courageous

A Cane’s knowledge and belief in themself and their principles provides them with an unshakeable foundation of confidence. This confidence in turn gives them courage, and they are comfortable taking risks and being pioneers. This makes Canes very formidable leaders, and they can often adopt the role of a patron, community leader, or mentor. Yet sometimes a Cane’s confidence can veer into over-confidence, and this can make them confrontational and difficult for others to get along with.

Determined and Disciplined

A Cane is known for being disciplined and determined. Once they set their mind on something, they make sure it happens. But a Cane’s determination, combined with their natural confidence, can also lead to them being inflexible in their views and attitudes towards people, which can be one of their major weaknesses.

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Public Figures That Are Cane (Ben) in Mayan Tradition