Mayan Tradition

Earthquake (Kaban)

Intelligent and Intellectual

For the Mayas, the Earthquake sign represents the power of the human brain and its vast capabilities. Intellect, intelligence, and strong analytical skills are hallmarks of people born on the day of the Earthquake, and natives of this sign tend to be like an eternal student, always seeking to learn, and being ever thoughtful, clever, and philosophical. Earthquake people tend to gravitate towards educational pursuits, seeking knowledge, or working on difficult mental tasks.

Active and Progressive

People born on the day of the Earthquake tend to have very active brains that are always filling up with bright new ideas. And - like the name of the sign implies - these ideas can be quite disruptive and groundbreaking. Earthquake people tend to have generally progressive or sometimes even radical views, and their disruptive ideas can help push people around them or even society as a whole to new levels of thinking. But at times, those people around an Earthquake person can have trouble catching up to or grappling with the Earthquake’s ground-breaking thoughts, ideas, and mentality, and this can in turn create frustration and resentment on the part of the Earthquake person.

Practical and Analytical

But just because an Earthquake person has groundbreaking ideas does not mean that they aren’t practical. On the contrary, they actually tend to be very practical and pragmatic people. Earthquake people tend to be well-controlled individuals, and can actually have a tendency to be a bit too pragmatic and analytical in their approach to life. Their pragmatic nature might at times seem at odds with their innovative and disruptive way of thinking, but the power of an Earthquake person lies in their potential to marry groundbreaking thinking with practical application.

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Public Figures That Are Earthquake (Kaban) in Mayan Tradition