Mayan Tradition

Eagle (Men)

Perceptive and Visionary

Just like their animal namesake, Eagle people have no difficulty rising above earthly concerns and seeing the big picture in precise detail. Eagles tend to see everything from a wide perspective, but no detail escapes their attention, and this combination provides them with a knack for understanding what is going to happen next. As a result, Eagles tend to be natural-born visionaries, and can inspire others with their appreciation of what the future is likely to hold.

Independent and Ambitious

Eagles tend to love their personal freedom and independence, and have a desire to explore different places, ideas, and people. This independent streak gives them the air of a "free spirit", but can also lead to them being distant from others, making them appear aloof and introverted. Eagles are also known to be quite ambitious: they know how to get what they want and have a deep drive for achieving success. Mayans believe that an Eagle person is therefore likely to have good luck and fortune for material things, but their ambition and independence may make it challenging for them to appreciate the virtue of loyalty.

Meticulous and Precise

Eagles don’t miss a single detail and tend to be perfectionists. They are gifted with acute precision, and tend to lean toward fields that require a technical understanding or significant mental stimulation, such as the sciences or philosophy. An Eagle should be careful, though, as their propensity for precision and perfection can make them appear overly-critical or stubborn to others.

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Public Figures That Are Eagle (Men) in Mayan Tradition