Mayan Tradition

Deer (Manik)

Cooperative and Peaceful

Friendship and camaraderie are important to Deer signs, and their social circles become like a family. Generally, they are talkative with a peaceful nature, and prefer relationships that possess a deep level of connection, devotion, and loyalty. Deer expect their camaraderie and loyalty to be reciprocated, so can be easily hurt by broken promises and undependable people.


Deer signs may be calm and cooperative on the outside, but don’t mistake this for softness. On the contrary, Deer possess strong intuition, strong character, and are unafraid to speak up courageously and daringly when needed. Deer are also not bashful about staking out and defending what they see as their territory, and tend to not be easily swayed by others' opinions. A Deer’s strong character makes them natural leaders, but they prefer to express their leadership in ways that foster cooperation and collaboration, seeking to be an advisor, mentor, or coach to others.


Deer signs also tend to have a strong sense and appreciation of aesthetic beauty and art, so can often find themselves involved in some kind of artistic pursuit or activity that involves design-related subject matter. A Deer may use these activities as a personal outlet.

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Public Figures That Are Deer (Manik) in Mayan Tradition