Mayan Tradition

Monkey (Chuen)

Social and Charismatic

In Mayan philosophy, the social net that connects all signs and connects all human activity and creativity is symbolized by the Monkey sign. Marriages and relationships that start on the day of the Monkey are believed to have a strong, lasting bond in Mayan tradition. It is therefore not surprising that people born on this day tend to be at the center of social activity, and very noticeable within the community. Monkeys tend to have a strong character, charm, and a propensity for entertaining others.

Creative and Playful

Monkeys also symbolize the child within each of us, possessing somewhat of an innocent, creative, and playful nature. Monkeys tend to have no problem expressing their free will, and this can lead them to become very creative and artistic in nature. As a result, many Monkeys go on to become artists or artisans, and thrive at things like drama, art, or any other performance-based activity.

Curious and Intelligent

Monkeys tend to be very curious about the world, and bright. A Monkey has a witty, active, intellectual mind and tends to have a natural inquisitiveness that helps them generate original, useful ideas. The down side of this constant curiosity and exploration is that Monkeys can sometimes struggle with keeping focused, and tend to lack patience as well.


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Public Figures That Are Monkey (Chuen) in Mayan Tradition