Charismatic and Confident

Bold, charismatic, and confident, Dragons are revered in China and said to wear the Horns of Destiny, meaning that they are destined for power and greatness. Their ability to capture a crowd comes naturally, and they have a unique ability to stir up passions in even the most docile person. Things are never dull or boring with a Dragon, and while they can be demanding, egotistical, bossy and overly eccentric, that doesn't stop them from tending to have lots of admirers. Their charisma and ability to stand out in a crowd, would make the world a very dull place without them.

Bold and Energetic

The Dragon of the Ba-Zi is absolutely bursting with energy. They tend to speak their minds and are not known for mincing their words. This can sometimes make them come across as outspoken and rude. Because of their fiery and outspoken nature, it is best to never anger a Dragon, as being on the receiving end of their temper can be a very unpleasant experience.

Responsible and Protective

Dragons have the strength and fortitude to take on more than the average person, and as a result, they may have a tendency to take a lot on their shoulders. In the home, Dragons are loving and protective people, while outside of the home Dragons tend to be found in positions of leadership, whether in their careers, businesses, campaigns and even in their relationships with others.

Strong and Mission-driven

The Dragon is typically aristocratic and proud, setting high standards for themselves and others. Dragons tend to be mission-driven in their approach to life, organizing their activities and actions around select themes or causes. Dragons tend to want to fight for a noble cause or to be a one-man-army that seeks to right the wrongs of the world. However, this instinct to fight for noble causes can turn sour if they allow their egos to get out of control. Rather than being altruistic and heroic, a Dragon’s ego and belief in what they see as a noble cause can turn them into a complete tyrant instead.

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