Mayan Tradition

Knife (Etznab)

Skillful and Hardworking

The Knife is known for being skillful and hardworking, with an ability to harness their talent in an organized and disciplined way. Knife people tend to be very detail-oriented, and to prefer applying themselves in technical subjects. According to Mayan tradition, people born on this day tend to have a particular talent at using their hands, and this can manifest itself in being a good craftsman, musician, or any other pursuit that involves good hand-eye coordination.

Considerate and Selfless

The Knife in Mayan culture is seen as an instrument of good: something that can be useful, like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon. As such, Knife people are known as people who desire to be useful to others, and who tend to be polite, accommodating and selfless.

Logical and Honest

A knife is also known for being sharp, and in the case of Knife people in Mayan tradition, this means that they are able to effectively separate their emotions from reality. They can discern cold hard facts from mere opinions and accurately reflect reality, which makes them extremely logical and honest people. They tend to have a deep appreciation and respect for the truth, and are honest with themselves as well as others. But because Knife people tend to see the world in terms of right and wrong and black and white, this can also cause them troubles in relationships because of their tendency to apply logic to everything.

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Public Figures That Are Knife (Etznab) in Mayan Tradition