Cheth (The Path of Home)


Cheth, the "Path of Home", is related to home, family, hospitality and security, and is associated with meditation, peacefulness and happiness.

Position in the Tree of Life

Cheth connects the sephirots, or spheres, of Binah and Gevurah in the Hebrew Tree of Life. Binah occupies the 3rd position in the Tree of Life and is associated with understanding, reflecting our experiences and our personality, and illuminating areas that need improvement and understanding in order to face the difficulties of life. In Jewish tradition, this sephira is ruled over by the Guardian angel Tzaphqiel. Gevurah occupies the 5th position in the Tree of Life and the sphere is associated with restraint and discipline, the challenges and the conflicts that we need to overcome in life, and the capabilities and qualities that we must possess in order to face these challenges. In Jewish tradition, this sephira is ruled over by the Guardian angel Kamael.

Personality Type

People on the path of Cheth tend to be conventional, prudent, and frugal in their ways. They tend to be patient people who are traditional by nature and who believe in operating by a set of rules. At the same time, those on the Path of Home are quite sensitive. They have an ability to understand others, but can be easily hurt by people, becoming quite emotional and being subject to mood swings. Their conventional and frugal nature can also make them somewhat materialistic in their thinking.

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Public Figures That Are Cheth (The Path of Home) in Judaism