Mayan Tradition

Grass (Eb)

Humble and Altruistic

Grass people are always ready to lend a hand to those in need. They tend to have a caring, nurturing personality and to put service towards others ahead of their own feelings or emotions. Grass people tend to have a desire to help humanity, and it is common to see them in positions of voluntary work, dedicated to some kind of humanitarian and social service.

Adaptable and Hardworking

Mayan tradition sees Grass people as highly adaptable, acting almost as a vessel for divine inspiration to fill in service of helping humanity. And while a Grass person may not be overly proactive, instead adapting to what the world calls them to, once they do get going they are extremely hard and committed workers. Self-improvement tends to be a theme with people of this sign, and their adaptability tends to make them great problem-solvers.

Sensitive and Feeling

Grass people are very in touch with the world, taking their cues from whatever the universe is calling them to do, and this trait also makes them extremely sensitive. Grass people intuit and feel things on a deep level, but expressing their feelings can be difficult for them, so they tend to be reserved and keep their feelings inside.

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Public Figures That Are Grass (Eb) in Mayan Tradition