Vrischika (Scorpion)

Bold and Intense

Vrischikas are bold and intense. They are complex and deep personalities who have very strong likes and dislikes, and who can also be impulsive and temperamental. This gives them an air of intensity and mystery, and their bold approach to life can mean that they are unyielding and have no problem overriding the opinions of others. For Vrischikas who have difficulty controlling these impulses, they can earn a reputation for having an overbearing and difficult personality.

Self-reliant and Determined

Vrischikas believe in self-reliance and abhor the idea of being under another person’s control. They are extremely resourceful and pride themselves on their own independence. This also makes Vrischikas very determined, and they can be obsessive about getting things done and getting the outcomes that they want.

Keen and Energetic

Vrischikas are also incredibly keen and shrewd. They love investigating things and applying their minds towards solving difficult riddles and problems. A Vrischika’s mental approach is best described as that of a detective investigating a puzzling crime scene, asking difficult questions, probing for evidence, and working relentlessly until they finally solve the case.

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Public Figures That Are Vrischika (Scorpion) in Hinduism