Mayan Tradition

Water (Muluc)

Generous and Compassionate

In one Mayan interpretation, the name of this sign is called "Sacrifice". So it should come as no surprise no surprise that people with a Water sign are all about giving to others. They are compassionate and generous, and are believed to be able to bring harmony and purification to their communities. Giving more than they hope to get in return, deep down, Water signs tend to aspire to bring peace, purification, and harmony to others.

Humble and Hardworking

Like the water from a river can slowly but surely carve canyons out of pure rock, people who possess a Water sign tend to be soft natured, humble, and hardworking, able to achieve mighty things with very little fanfare. But while they may be humble and soft-natured, make no mistake: Water signs have very strong principles and ethics.

Dynamic and Imaginative

Water signs are dynamic, intelligent and are excellent communicators, which make them very effective in leadership positions. People with this sign have strong imaginations and an ability to work diligently in pursuit of realizing whatever it is they imagined. If a Water sign is able to effectively combine their compassion, hard work, and dynamism, they can achieve amazing goals and make the world a better place.

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Public Figures That Are Water (Muluc) in Mayan Tradition