Mayan Tradition

Serpent (Chikchan)

Charismatic and Intriguing

Serpents tend to have an innate charisma and magnetism about them. Whether they are physically beautiful or not, Serpents are always noticeable and usually intriguing to other people. They tend to possess an intense inner energy that makes others want to know more about them.

Intelligent and Curious

Serpents possess high intelligence and a strong mental fortitude, which provides them with tools to handle stress better than most other people. They grasp things quickly, and combine this with a natural curiosity to learn and understand any new developments they encounter. Serpents tend to be interested in science and learning, with an "old" soul that seems to possess wisdom stored deep down inside them.

Empathetic and Instinctual

Serpents have a finely-honed set of senses, which makes them empathic and compassionate towards others. They tend to be very good at understanding the needs and mindsets of other people. Serpents tend to have refined instincts, enabling them to make effective decisions and making them effective leaders as well. But, if left unchecked, a Serpent’s instinctual nature can let their emotions get the best of them, making them succumb to fits of drama and extreme emotional displays at times if they are not careful.

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Public Figures That Are Serpent (Chikchan) in Mayan Tradition