Loyal and Friendly

The most loyal and faithful animal of the Ba-Zi, Dogs are also considered to be the most likable. Anyone who has a Ba-Zi Dog as a friend is indeed a lucky individual, as a Dog will always be there for you in times of trouble. It doesn’t matter when or where trouble may be brewing, as soon as a Dog gets word of it, they will drop everything and swoop in like a superhero to help you. The Dog takes loyalty seriously, and upholds a knight’s code of honor when it comes to sticking by friends and loved ones.

Truthful and Honest

Dogs see things in black and white, tending not to take notice of the gray areas. You are either good or bad, a friend or an enemy to the Dog of the Ba-Zi. This usually means keeping others at arm’s length until the Dog has decided they are trustworthy. Once someone passes the rigorous screening process, though, they are friends for life. The Dog is very matter-of-fact and can be very obstinate if they feel someone is trying to change their mind about something they have already decided upon. Typically, pressing the Dog to change course will result only in even greater stubbornness.

Altruistic and Selfless

Dogs epitomize truth, justice and equality, and they are renowned for their desire to right the wrongs of the world and make the world a better, fairer place for all. They are the true altruists of the Ba-Zi, and their selfless, giving nature is admired and respected by all. Dogs believe in unconditional love and spreading joy through the simpler things in life, but because Dogs have a deep-rooted need for justice and fairness, life is rarely simple for them. There is always a battle to fight or a cause to uphold, so a Dog person may always find themselves putting the causes of others before their own.

Responsible and Protective

Dogs are fiercely protective of those they love and can possess a fierce "bite" if they feel that loved ones are under attack. But Dogs do not, however, go looking for fights, instead seeking to observe their surroundings and acting only when necessary. Dogs tend to have a deep sense of altruism, and believe in protecting the general well-being of the public and society. But, a Dog’s naturally protective nature can go too far, and they can be prone to over-thinking, worrying, and even paranoia.

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