Compassionate and Kind

The Goat of the Ba-Zi is compassionate, kind and affable. Goats are wonderful at easing tensions, ill-feelings and negative energy between people, and as a result everyone likes to have a Goat friend. Goats also tend to thrive in family settings, enjoy being at home, and a love for entertaining guests. There is nothing the Goat loves more than to see everyone they love having a lovely, pleasant time together.

Peaceful & Introverted

The Goat is the quintessential Good Samaritan who wishes only for harmony between people of all races, colors, and creeds. They dislike conflict, and see themselves as mediators and diplomats who must go between one hostile party to the next, building bridges so everyone can get along. The Goat will never attempt to get her way through forceful means. However, though the Goat may seem docile on the outside, there is an inner strength that others must not underestimate, and Goats can be surprisingly passionate and loud in these instances.

Diligent and Practical

Goats are extremely diligent and practical. They don’t care about what others think of them or how they might be judged - they just do the things they deem to be "right". They are loyal and reliable partners and friends, are considerate and prudent, and are very persistent at trying to achieve their objectives.

Imaginative and Creative

Goats tend to combine their diplomatic and diligent ways with an incredible imagination. They love to fantasize and imagine, and they tend to be big dreamers and artistically inclined. However, the downside of the Goat’s introverted, imaginative, and dreamy nature is that they can be really stunned by the harsh realities of life, which can affect them more deeply than other Ba-Zi animals.

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