Mayan Tradition

Dog (Oc)

Helpful and Loyal

Dogs tend to be extremely helpful and dependable, and pride themselves on being their for others and delivering consistent results. Dogs are also one of the most loyal and supportive signs of the T’Zolkin, who will never shy away from stepping in to help someone in their family, a friend, or someone from their community.

Courageous and Protective

Dogs have a strong sense of justice, and tend to have an allergic reaction to any kind of injustic in life. They are extremely courageous and brave, and will not hesitate to protect those who they believe are being treated unfairly. At times, Dogs might even be a little too overprotective of others, and may tend to worry too much.

Insightful and Sensitive

Dogs also tend to be very insightful and sensitive, and know how to understand human nature well. However, while Dogs have a good knack for understanding other peoples’ feelings, they may not be able to fully understand their own, and so may lack emotional maturity.

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Public Figures That Are Dog (Oc) in Mayan Tradition