Meena (Fish)

Kind and Sympathetic

Meena people tend to be kind souls, who take a humane and caring approach to life, displaying a kindness towards others and sympathy to anyone they encounter who may be experiencing troubles of any kind. A Meena person typically has a reputation for being helpful, humane, courteous, and hospitable to others.

Imaginative and Sensitive

A Meena person tends to be very in touch with their feelings, and can be touched by something as simple and beautiful as a beautiful dawn. Meena people are also typically known for being extremely creative and imaginative, and as such they tend to express their emotions and sensitivity through art or music. Sometimes, a Meena person can get caught up in their own emotions or imagination, and in these cases they need to be careful to not get lost in their daydreaming or to be led away by fanciful thoughts and impractical ideas.

Truthful and Modest

Meena people tend to not have many material aspirations in life, preferring instead to live in the moment, being perfectly content with a life comprised of truth and modesty. A Meena will never seek material gain at the expense of integrity, and tend to value virtue above all else.

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Public Figures That Are Meena (Fish) in Hinduism