Mayan Tradition

Crocodile (Imix)

Energetic and Proactive

Crocodile is seen as the first of the 20 sign cycle, and as such is associated with the concept of new beginnings. Mayans say that within the Crocodile sign swirl the primordial waters of life. This means that Crocodiles are usually one of the first people to initiate new projects, make dramatic changes, or take a stand against something. Crocodiles are assertive and full of energy, but at times this can mean that they are also aggressive, dominating, or even selfish.

Intelligent and Perceptive

Crocodiles are known for being very intelligent and creative. Crocodile intelligence isn’t just of an analytical or intellectual nature either. A Crocodile’s strong connection to the primal lizard brain means that they usually have an innate ability to understand other people’s motivations very deeply, giving them strong emotional intelligence as well.

Sensitive and Protective

In Mayan tradition, the Crocodile is known as having a sensitive nature, so they tend to protect themselves by trying to be private and avoid the limelight. Crocodiles are also very guarded when it comes to those they care about, which can make them tend to have very protective instincts.

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Public Figures That Are Crocodile (Imix) in Mayan Tradition