Mayan Tradition

Rabbit (Lamat)

Energetic and Playful

Rabbits are quite lively, both physically and mentally. They tend to have minds that need constant stimulation, and tend to like to read, talk and communicate with people about every subject. Rabbits are also quite playful, and see life as a game to be played. The energy and playfulness of a Rabbit makes them quite competitive, and they tend to need constant stimulation and challenges for you to figure out. This can result in Rabbits coming across as nervous, over-competitive or even self-centered.

Intelligent and Resourceful

Rabbits are intelligent and clever, and can be quite resourceful. Their energy and intelligence usually translates into a life that is filled with luck and abundance, and their bright mind and humorous disposition allow them to live a joyful life.


Rabbit signs are productive, but are also known pleasure-seekers. Their tendency to seek pleasure can lead to forming bad habits and distractions, which can in turn lead to bad outcomes. Rabbits should seek to use their natural energy productively and avoid over-indulgences so that they don't get on the wrong track.

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Public Figures That Are Rabbit (Lamat) in Mayan Tradition