Mayan Tradition

Sun (Ajaw)

Loving and Generous

Like the Sun itself shines its light and provides energy for all living beings on earth, people born on the day of the Sun in Mayan tradition are known for being loving and generous. They are well-intentioned and have a generous and gentle demeanor. Sun people reflect the purity and brightness of the light, and tend to seek to share goodness with others.

Imaginative and Creative

Sun people are also known for being imaginative and creative, and in Mesoamerican culture this sign was regarded as being the sign of poets, singers, dancers, and creative artists. But Sun people can thrive in any field, not just in the arts. Whether it is as an athlete who uses their creativity to thrive at a sport, or a wise visionary that leads a people, or a great thinker who makes pioneering insights in the sciences, Sun people’s capacity for creative thought is one of their main strengths. But Sun people’s imaginations can sometimes get the better of them, as they may develop unrealistic expectations from others and from themselves.

Confident and Courageous

A Sun person is also known for being confident and courageous, and for being adamant in the pursuit of their objectives. Sun people always continue striving to reach their goal, no matter what challenges come in between them and their objective. Whatever obstacles may arise, a Sun person will always tend to remain confident in themself, and to muster the courage to overcome those challenges.

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Public Figures That Are Sun (Ajaw) in Mayan Tradition