Logical and Analytical

In Daoism’s Ba-Zi tradition, the Rat relies on brains over brawn to win their battles. They are extremely logical, analytical, and business-like in their approach to dealing with matters of all kinds, and are not likely to let their emotions get the better of them. Rats will cooly evaluate all options and information, analyze the best one, and then proceed to make a decision without any pomp and circumstance. Sometimes their lack of emotion in evaluating things can frustrate others who may require more empathy or emotional recognition, but at the end of the day people tend to appreciate the Rat’s logical perspective on things.

Practical and Efficient

The Rat does not deal in dreams or fantasy: they work with logic and cool emotion, taking careful and strategic steps to get what they want. Planning ahead and being methodical and efficient with their resources and decisions are both hallmarks of the Rat. They are frugal - sometimes too frugal - and are prone to forming step by step plans to help them achieve their objectives.


Rats are also generally highly sociable and can often be found with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. They easily mingle with a crowd, and are unafraid to engage strangers in conversation. However, despite their social and extroverted tendencies, they usually aren’t the type to seek the limelight, at least not in the most flamboyant sense of the word. Instead, they are more than happy to have others share the limelight, preferring instead to work behind the scenes taking concrete steps to help them achieve their goals.

Caring and Protective

Rats are caring souls who deeply value their loved ones and, as bosses and managers, show genuine care and concern for employees who may be having an off day or who demonstrate signs of sickness. Rats tend to be good at engaging in empathetic conversation with anyone who may be feeling down in the dumps. But - true to their business-like nature - if you are a friend, in-law or relative who needs a place to stay then rest assured that a Rat will make you work for your keep. A Rat is more than happy to provide for others and let others live off of him, so long as he can put them to work around the household. It is indicative of the practical efficiency that dominates the Rat personality.

Irritated by Inefficiency and Laziness

Rats are focused on efficiency, practicality, and frugality. So one surefire way to annoy a Rat is to demonstrate laziness or disregard for frugality. To tell when a Rat is upset, just keep an eye out for jittery irritability. When they are upset, Rats become irritable, impatient, and snappy, but rarely reach a breaking point. They like to hide their feelings and avoid fighting or engaging in conflict.

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