Mayan Tradition

Storm (Kawak)

Dynamic and Vigorous

Storm people tend to be extremely lively, active, and vigorous. They have an active mind that is always seeking new experiences, and they can often be found pushing themselves to their physical or mental limits. Storms have a seemingly endless supply of energy, but their restlessness can sometimes make them act before thinking and earn them a reputation for recklessness.

Curious and Youthful

Because Storms carry such youthful energy, they never seem to age. They tend to have a childlike curiosity and love to learn new things. While their active and vigorous nature can make them seem flippant, Storm people also tend to have a deeper side to them, and their curiosity can often lead them to an interest in philosophy, religion, or spirituality.

Social and Friendly

Storm people tend to be extroverted, social and very connected to their community. Any social group that a Storm person belongs to - whether that is family, community, or an ethnic group - tends to play a major role in their life, and visa-versa, as Storm people also tend to play a major role in any group they belong to. Consequently, Storm people tend to have many friends and acquaintances, and to enjoy being in social settings. But a Storm person’s social connectivity can also create issues, as it may be difficult for them to let go of their bonds and take individual actions and decisions.

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Public Figures That Are Storm (Kawak) in Mayan Tradition