Brave and Decisive

Roosters are the gallant and misunderstood heroes and heroines of the Ba-Zi. They are brave individuals who can come across as quite eccentric at times. Roosters will not back down in a debate or argument, no matter what. If the Rooster believes in something, then they will profess their undying devotion to it until their last breath. Roosters are excellent people to have on your side if you have a cause worth fighting for because they will simply not back down or shy away, no matter how vicious the conflict or how prolonged the argument.

Honest and Outspoken

The Ba-Zi Rooster is extremely honest, opinionated and outspoken, and they tend to be very direct in how they communicate. While their frank bluntness can be off-putting to some, others will delight in their ability to shake up the status quo. Due to their direct nature, Roosters usually do not make good diplomats, as they lack the tact and ability to take people’s feelings into consideration. However, no one is better suited to converting or persuading as the Rooster is, if only due to their sheer, relentless energy. When a Rooster speaks, everyone listens, for they tend to do so with passion and verve.

Energetic and Meticulous

The Rooster is the ultimate interloper. If you are struggling with debts, household problems or business issues, a Rooster will be the first to jump in and take charge. If any Ba-Zi animal can get things done, it is the Rooster. No matter how they express themselves, their intentions are often pure, and interfering in other people’s affairs is only motivated by a genuine desire to help. Perfectionists, Roosters are often meticulous in everything they do, from managing their homes to ironing every single crease out of their clothes.

Confident and Extroverted

It appears at times that the Rooster is utterly brimming with confidence. They seem to know who they are, where they’re going and what they want. Even if a Rooster is plagued with insecurities, they will still come across as being self-assured to others. Roosters tend to enjoy being in the spotlight and taking center stage, but their confidence and desire for attention does have drawbacks, however. When a Rooster lets their ego get the best of them, they can become egotistical and unbearable. And likewise when they become too dependent on external stimuli, they can also become anxious or insecure.

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