Mayan Tradition

Seed (Kan)

Abundant and Achievement-oriented

The Seed represents abundance, potential, and the sense of self. Seed people tend to have an abundance of energy, ideas, and opportunities. According to the Mayans, people born on the Seed day can achieve many things and have the potential to have great fortune if they can manage to harness their energy in the right direction. If a Seed directs their life force towards the right endeavor, they will become a master of it and experience a life full of abundance and fulfillment. Seeds set very high standards for themselves, but should try to not expect those same standards for other people lest they become overbearing or too much of a perfectionist.

Communicative and Influential

A Seed naturally desires to spread itself throughout the world, and so Seed people are keen to share information, knowledge, and consciousness with others. Seeds tend to be natural networkers and tend to be very social, enjoying the art of spreading social seeds within groups, making introductions, and sharing ideas. They also tend to be natural leaders and entertainers, owing to their confident demeanor, and their influence can have a powerful impact on the opinions and actions of others.

Energetic and Dynamic

Seeds carry an internal energy that exudes abundance. They tend to possess brave, confident personalities and have no difficulty taking a stand for what they believe in. The high energy level and dynamism of Seeds enables them to achieve many things, but if left unchecked can lead to them being overly aggressive and argumentative.

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Public Figures That Are Seed (Kan) in Mayan Tradition