Zain (The Path of Lovers)


Zain, "The Path of Lovers", is a path that embodies understanding, logic and reasoning - the qualities that help to form long-lasting relationships and bonds of love.

Position in the Tree of Life

Zain connects the sephirots, or spheres, of Binah and Tiphereth in the Hebrew Tree of Life. Binah occupies the 3rd position in the Tree of Life and is associated with understanding, reflecting our experiences and our personality, and illuminating areas that need improvement and understanding in order to face the difficulties of life. In Jewish tradition, this sephira is ruled over by the Guardian angel Tzaphqiel. Tiphereth occupies the 6th position in the Tree of Life and is associated with Beauty, representing our inner self - our soul - revealing the inner meaning of our lives, our purpose, our ideals and objectives. In Jewish tradition, Tiphereth is ruled over by the Guardian angel Raphael.

Personality Type

People on the Path of Zain tend to have an analytical mind, be well-learned, and intellectual, and seek to speak the truth at all times. They can be highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent, sharp and witty, and very sociable. People on this path also tend to have a restless nature, always seeking something new and to live life to its fullest. This last quality can make it hard for people on this path to maintain consistency, and so they may come across to others as restless, whimsical, unreliable, or even duplicitous.

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Public Figures That Are Zain (The Path of Lovers) in Judaism