Mayan Tradition

Night (Akbal)

Patient and Enduring

Much like the night itself, individuals who possess the T’Zolkin Night sign are usually known for their patience and steadiness. They are long-term focused, and have something of an "eternal" and enduring nature about them. These qualities tend to make Night people reliable partners, and loyal and faithful friends.

Thoughtful and Introspective

Night people also tend to be thoughtful and introspective. Since night is when sleep and dreams occur, in Mayan tradition this is also a sign that symbolizes deep thinking, enlightenment, and a state of higher consciousness. As such, it is believed that individuals who possess this sign can be capable of incredible insight and realization owing to their powers of thought and contemplation.

Logical and Organized

A T’Zolkin Night person tends to be measured, steady, logical, and organized. But while having such qualities can be beneficial, it can also come with its drawbacks. Their contemplative, patient, and deliberative nature can also mean that Night people are sometimes too conventional and inflexible, and can have trouble adapting to change.

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Public Figures That Are Night (Akbal) in Mayan Tradition