Tzaddi (The Path of Righteousness)


Tzaddi, known as the "Path of Righteousness", is considered to be a path that is mostly followed by givers, bearers, altruists and all those people who selflessly sacrifice aspects of their life for others. These people can be innovators, rebels and geniuses, who strive to attain the new things of life, and who seek to contribute to the lives of others.

Position in the Tree of Life

Tzaddi connects the sephirots, or spheres, of Netzach and Yesod in the Hebrew Tree of Life. Netzach occupies the 7th position in the Tree of Life and it is the sphere that is associated with victory, representing our inner feelings, our emotions and our sentiments, and revealing our innermost desires, needs and requirements. In Jewish tradition this sphere is ruled over by the Guardian angel Haniel. Yesod occupies the 9th position in the Tree of Life and it is the sphere that is associated with foundation, representing the collective soul of mankind, and providing insight into our life patterns. In Jewish tradition, Yesod is ruled over by the archangel Gabriel.

Personality Type

People on the Path of Tzaddi tend to be thinkers, philosophers and idealists, who strive to do things on behalf of mankind. They tend to be quick witted with a good sense of humor, to make friends easily, and to generally be jolly and charming. Friendship tends to be very important to them, and they tend to be good communicators who are even-keeled, diplomatic, and reasonable. However, they may not be very forthcoming with their own feelings, and can sometimes come across as aloof.

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Public Figures That Are Tzaddi (The Path of Righteousness) in Judaism