Makara (Crocodile)

Prudent and Reasonable

Makara are known for being prudent, reasonable, and conscientious people who like to get things done and see results. They tend to feel a great sense of responsibility and to act with great foresight and planning whenever engaging in any activity.

Self-reliant and Hard-working

The Makara is know for its self-reliance and strong work ethic. Their hard working attitude is an inspiration to all, and they truly believe they can achieve anything with hard work. No matter the obstacle, a Makara believes that if they persevere and work hard enough that they will eventually overcome any obstacle.

Serious and Thoughtful

A Makara tends to have a serious, "get it done" way of going about things, and can often be quiet and contemplative in their demeanor. This, combined with their reasonable nature, strong work ethic, and self-reliance, gives Makara a strong sense of dignity and self esteem.

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Public Figures That Are Makara (Crocodile) in Hinduism