Ayin (The Path of Practicality)


The Path of Ayin is one of practicality, and is a path that offers success if sincerity, patience, faith, and persistence are applied. Those on this path can achieve their full potential by serving others, avoiding lies and manipulation, and seeking truth, wisdom and faith.

Position in the Tree of Life

Ayin connects the sephirots, or spheres, of Tiphereth and Hod in the Hebrew Tree of Life. Tiphereth occupies the 6th position in the Tree of Life and is associated with Beauty, representing our inner self - our soul - revealing the inner meaning of our lives, our purpose, our ideals and objectives. In Jewish tradition, Tiphereth is ruled over by the Guardian angel Raphael. Hod occupies the 8th position in the Tree of Life and it is the sphere that is associated with splendor, representing the worldly and materialistic matters of life such as business, career, and artistic endeavors, and reflecting our thought processes, communication skills, and the way we perceive the aura surrounding us. In Jewish tradition, Hod is ruled over by the archangel Michael.

Personality Overview

Those on the Path of Ayin tend to be quite ambitious, and to want to achieve a lot in life. They are hardworking and persistent, and pride themselves on not being frightened by any obstacles they encounter. They love being independent and self-sufficient, and have the ability to create a rags-to-riches story for themselves based on their incredible focus and determination. Ayin people tend to be highly intelligent, clever, and crafty, and their analytical nature combined with their raw determination can make them come across as unemotional, uncaring, or even mean at times. Because they are meticulous planners and so driven, at times they won’t heed the advice of others and can come across as stubborn, or as someone who has a hard time being spontaneous.

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Public Figures That Are Ayin (The Path of Practicality) in Judaism