Mayan Tradition

Jaguar (Ix)

Perceptive and Intuitive

According to the Mayans, the Jaguar is an animal with strong night vision and an ability to see things that other animals cannot see. People born on the Jaguar are therefore believed to have strong powers of perception and intuition, and to to even have what might be regarded as psychic or shamanic abilities of perception.

Spiritual and Purposeful

Jaguar people tend to be quite spiritual, and can have a deep connection to the natural world. They tend to strive to fulfill a higher purpose and to direct their energy towards activities that they see as making some important contribution to the world. A Jaguar person tends to see themselves as part of a greater whole rather than as an isolated individual.

Sophisticated and Mysterious

The Jaguar is very sophisticated, and can also be quite mysterious. They tend to refrain from big public statements or any blatantly open disclosures, making them a trustworthy confidant, but also making them seem secretive and perhaps even manipulative. In spite of their trustworthiness and ability to guide others, the mysterious and sometimes seemingly secretive nature of Jaguars can make relationships difficult for them.

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Public Figures That Are Jaguar (Ix) in Mayan Tradition