Kanya (Maiden)

Curious and Perceptive

The Kanya tends to be a very curious and perceptive person. When they hear something interesting, they are not one to tacitly accept it - they tend to want to learn more about it. Kanya are always investigating matters that pique their interest, and when they do, their keen intellect enables them to make insightful observations regarding those matters. Kanya people tend to be lifelong learners and good judges of people and situations.

Methodical and Critical

A Kanya person tends to be extremely methodical. When a Kanya needs to make a decision about something, they can’t just go with "gut instinct" or a whim - they feel the need to think deeply about the matter and consider every angle. This usually means that they are also very hard workers - they feel an intense need to “do the work” before deciding something, and can’t help but being methodical and meticulous about everything that they do. This can make a Kanya come across as overly-critical, as their methodical nature means that they have no trouble finding the flaws in everything or spotting some opportunity for improvement. And while this talent can serve them well in their commercial endeavors, in personal matters it can also mean that Kanyas can have a hard time settling down, as they tend to always focus on the flaws in their relationships or romantic partners. Once a Kanya does settle down, however, they tend to be committed for the long term.

Thoughtful and Conservative

Kanya people are thoughtful and pensive, and tend to consider things deeply before acting. This makes them somewhat conservative in their disposition, and can make them prudent and modest in their approach to life. They tend to be very pragmatic and practical, and to believe in the rewards that hard work brings.

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Public Figures That Are Kanya (Maiden) in Hinduism