Vau (The Path of Grace)


Vau, "The Path of Grace" and compassion, is considered to be a path trodden by those who are innovative, who seek to unify all things, and who are able to harness their emotions to accomplish things.

Position in the Tree of Life

Vau connects the sephirots, or spheres, of Chokmah and Chesed in the Hebrew Tree of Life. Chokmah occupies the 2nd position in the Tree of Life and is associated with wisdom, representing our behavioral patterns and our responsibilities, and reflects our ability to analyze things while making critical decisions. In Jewish tradition, Chokmah is ruled over by the Guardian angel Raziel. Chesed occupies the 4th position in the Tree of Life and is associated with love and kindness, representing the opportunities, positive results, and prosperity that comes from our thoughts, emotions and actions. In Jewish tradition, this sephira is ruled over by the Guardian angel Tzadqiel.

Personality Type

People on the Path of Vau tend to have a powerful and commanding personality. They also tend to be deliberate, analytical, practical, and calculating in how they make decisions, avoiding risks and unknowns. While people on this path tend to be very patient and deliberate, at times they can at times let their emotions get the best of them. For example, they can become quite stubborn and aggressive if they feel they are being pushed, they can allow themselves to be flattered by false praise, or they can let things build up to the point where they respond with extreme bouts of anger.

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Public Figures That Are Vau (The Path of Grace) in Judaism