Gracious and Polite

Gracious, elegant and laid-back, the Rabbit occupies the fourth sign in Daoism’s Ba-Zi tradition. Rabbits are perhaps the most refined of all the animals in Ba-Zi. They have a special air of grace around them that goes unrivaled by their contemporaries. The Rabbit brings beauty, grace and elegance to the world and as such their presence is appreciated by all who have the pleasure of coming into contact with them.

Intelligent, Charming and Diplomatic

Known for their cognitive abilities and impeccable manners, Rabbits often make excellent diplomats, statesmen and hostesses. The Rabbit is the type of person you would see at a formal gathering dressed in smart clothes with a benign look on their face, speaking cordially to the people around them. They are famed in the business world for their shrewd alertness, while coming across as decisively non-threatening. The wonderful wit and charm of the Rabbit ensures excellent company for all those who know them.

Caring and Attentive

Rabbits are excellent at listening to other people’s problems and many have had the benefit of their kind and caring nature. While a peace-loving Rabbit is unlikely to join you in any confrontation, they will be the first to help heal your wounds once a fight is over. No one is more hospitable than the Rabbit, and they will do everything they can to nurse you back to health. Refined, charming, elegant and hospitable, the Rabbit makes a wonderful friend to all. Their placid and caring natures are deeply valued, particularly by those who view conflict as a way of life and need someone to help them rest and recuperate.

Calm and Peaceful

Rabbits have a penchant for tranquil surroundings and peaceful, amicable relations. The Rabbit wants only harmony in their life, and conflict and confrontation often have them running for cover. But despite their docile ways, they have an incredibly strong will. While the whole world could be crashing down all around them, the Rabbit will conduct themselves with calm and poise. However, a Rabbit’s aversion to confrontation can lead to them being irresponsible or unreliable, as they may shy away from making difficult decisions, or focus on happier thoughts of fun and pleasure instead of dealing with important matters that require immediate attention.

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