Mayan Tradition

Wind (Ik)

Lively and Expressive

The Wind is known in Mayan tradition as possessing a powerful life force. It is lively and, as voices can be carried in the air by the wind, is known for being expressive and communicative as well. The T’zolkin Wind usually has a lot of things to talk about and share, and often feels like it has important information to communicate to others.

Imaginative and Creative

The Wind’s desire for expression takes many forms, and can go beyond verbal communication to include artistic means of expression such as music or art. Indeed the Wind is know for being very imaginative and creative, and has a reputation for being smart and thoughtful in how it expresses itself.

Idealistic and Open

People with the T’Zolkin Wind sign tend to be idealistic. They also tend to be quite flexible and open as people. Individuals with this sign tend to have lots of interests, and possibly more than one occupation, being able to easily master multiple fields of study. Their open-endedness can sometimes lead to Wind people becoming indecisive and overthinking things.

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Public Figures That Are Wind (Ik) in Mayan Tradition