Sincere and Kind

Those born in the year of the Pig are truly pleasant and courageous people whose honesty and child-like innocence are both admired by and bemusing to others. And because of their pure hearts and genuine souls, people born in the Year of the Pig tend to have greater luck or fortune than others. They are simply nice people with generous souls, and can often be found participating in charitable events or engaging in other acts of kindness in the world. The Pig is the archetype of the Good Samaritan, always willing to offer food, warmth and comfort to those who are in need.

Courageous and Perseverent

Ba-Zi Pigs are extremely determined, and will strive on to the end, no matter how much they feel like quitting. They may seem a bit soft and mushy on the outside to some, but there is great strength and resilience within. They do not seek the limelight like Dragons and they do not boast of their strength like Tigers. Instead, the Pig works quietly in the background, almost to the point of going unnoticed. It is only if they should disappear that it becomes apparent just how crucial the Pig's strength truly is.

Diplomatic and Open-minded

The Pig is an excellent diplomat and mediator. They can often see all sides of the story and empathize with everyone's point of view. Because of this, the Pig is often seen as a friend to all. This is a loyal character who does not have a bad word to say about anyone; they do not engage in backbiting or underhanded scheming; indeed, such activities are bewildering to them as they cannot understand why anyone would behave in such a manner. They seek harmony between all individuals, and when forced into a conflict always seek compromise and forgiveness between all parties involved.

Optimistic and Cheerful

The Ba-Zi Pig is the epitome of optimism and cheer. Glasses are always half-full, there is always a silver lining to a tough situation, and they always look on the bright side. Fortune just seems to favor them because of the positive thoughts and vibes they send into the world. However, there is a downside to their optimistic and cheerful demeanor. Because Pigs are so trusting, they can often be magnets for more nefarious types who use their good nature for their own advantage. And these kinds of betrayals can be quite jarring for a Pig, who can’t fathom that there are actually people out there who might seek to take advantage of their good nature.

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