Free-spirited and Adventurous

The free-spirit of the Ba-Zi, a Horse is the kind of person who might wake up one day and decide: "I’m leaving my job and going on a six-month journey across the world!". Or call a friend up in the middle of the night and suggest an impromptu road trip. They are among the most happy-go-lucky of all Ba-Zi animals and highly popular because of their free, fun-loving nature. They are adventurous souls who believe that life is for living. But, while family and friends close to the Horse will appreciate (or at least tolerate) their ways, strangers and new acquaintances may be shocked and turned off by what they see as recklessness or irresponsibility.

Dynamic and Ambitious

Horses are highly dynamic individuals, both physically and mentally. They tend to really enjoy being physically active, and are also incredibly mentally agile, possessing an acute and keen sense of thinking that makes them very adaptable and able to deal with most situations without losing their heads. Their dynamism often also makes them quite ambitious. To a Horse, there is no mountain that can’t be climbed and no obstacle that can’t be overcome. While it may be difficult to get a Horse to finally settle on a single course of action, once a Horse does set their mind to something, they will use all of their considerable energy and skills to achieve it.

Expressive and Artistic

The Ba-Zi Horse is a Yang sign, highlighting their external, active perceptions of the world. While Horses have a healthy internal life, they usually also have an innate need to manifest their internal thoughts and beliefs into the external world. This makes them very expressive, and Horses often need to share their opinions regardless of any consequences, with little regard to who might be offended. Their expressive nature often means that Horses find comfort in some kind of artistic pursuit, whether that is writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, or some other kind of artistic expression.

Passionate and Intuitive

The free-spirited nature of the Horse also means that they can be very passionate with their emotions: they may be cheerful and filled with joy and laughter one minute, and rash and hot-headed the next. A Horse trusts their emotions, and often operates by "gut feel" rather than analysis when making important decisions. Being so in touch with their own emotions means that Horses can have remarkable gifts of intuition. When a Horse is able to harness their emotions and feelings into an accurate reading of a situation or dilemma, their uncanny insight can often get them further in life than well-applied logic or reason.

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