Thula (Balance)

Courteous and Kind

A Thula is typically defined by how courteous, kind, and hospitable they are. They make for excellent friends and hosts, and demonstrate good manners, compassion and affection, and an innate understanding of how to conduct themselves in social situations, whether that is through how they act or how they present themselves. Charm and kindness seem to come naturally to a Thula.

Easygoing and Generous

Thulas also tend to be easygoing and generous. They know how to make other people feel comfortable, and are able to "go with the flow" in most situations. They know how to live life to its fullest, and demonstrate a lot of generosity to those around them. But their innate laissez faire approach and generous attitude can bite them at times, as they can be prone to extravagance and to material wants.

Idealistic and Affectionate

A Thula also tends to be an idealist. They believe in fairness and the inherent nobility and goodness of humans. This, combined with their courteous and kind nature, tends to make them very affectionate. They love being with friends, love things of beauty, and love pleasure. While these are all noble traits, Thulas need to be careful not to let these attributes carry them away.

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Public Figures That Are Thula (Balance) in Hinduism