Mayan Tradition

Owl (Kib)

Wise and Deep

The Owl symbolizes wisdom, and Mayans believe that persons born on the day of the Owl are old souls who carry the wisdom of ancient times. Owls tend to be deep thinkers, prone to reading about and putting things in the context of history or tradition. Owls tend to have an easy connection with historical places, ancient cultures and traditions, and the elderly members of their community.

Practical and Serious

Owls also tend to be very practical, and oftentimes have a serious demeanor. That is not to say that Owls aren’t fun, for as serious as they are about life, they know how to find the humor in most situations, too. But Owls do need to be mindful of the fact that their practical and serious approach to life can make them seem harsh or rigid, and so should endeavor to lighten up at times.

Exacting and Demanding

The Owl tends to be exacting and demanding, willing to challenge themselves and others. The high standards they set are not arbitrary: they tend to place a high value on life experiences, always seeking to learn as much as possible from any successes or failures they experience, and as a result they often develop a level of expertise that justifies their exacting standards. An Owl tends to see the world as it is, and this attribute, combined with their domain knowledge, makes them great advisors. But since the valuable advice they give isn’t always delivered in the most diplomatic or sugar-coated way, Owls can sometimes seem overly-critical or cynical, or even jaded or ruthless.

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Public Figures That Are Owl (Kib) in Mayan Tradition