Karkata (Crab)

Adaptable and Industrious

Karkata people tend to be highly adaptable, and able to weather changes and the ups and downs of life with ease. They tend to have very fertile imaginations, and are industrious and resourceful in their approach to life, having no difficulty making the best of a new situation. However, their native ability to deal with change can also make them prone to changes in mood, which can make them seem moody or volatile at times.

Loyal and Responsible

Karkatas have deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. They tend to be devoted to their family and friends, and to have a deep love and sense of responsibility for their domestic life, whether that is towards their spouse or partner, their children, or even their pets. Karkatas are known for sacrificing their own happiness for those they care about, and have the reputation for being extremely hospitable to others.

Sentimental and Emotional

Karkata people also tend to be quite sentimental and emotional. They tend to be very in touch with their feelings, to be good at intuiting the feelings of others, and to be hopelessly romantic in their approach to love and relationships. This can make Karkatas emotionally vulnerable, and their desire to avoid being hurt can in turn make them quite secretive and closed off at times.

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Public Figures That Are Karkata (Crab) in Hinduism