Clever and Practical

The Monkey is perhaps the cleverest animal of the Ba-Zi. Monkeys do not rush into things, but rather calculate their movements carefully, using a combination of guile, charm and intelligence. They are excellent problem-solvers, and if anyone can be relied on to find a solution, they can. Monkeys are usually far more of a realist than an idealist and have little time for fanciful ideas. They tend to have a clear vision of what they need to achieve and what kind of life they want to have, and use this as the basis for harnessing all their powers to achieve this greater goal.

Innovative and Resourceful

A Monkey’s powers of innovation are quite extraordinary and they are also extremely fast learners. Monkeys, more than other animals of the Ba-Zi, are highly resourceful, and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding resources to accomplish an objective. For this reason, Monkeys are known for succeeding at tasks that might seem impossible to others.


The Monkey has absolutely no problem drawing a crowd. Highly sociable characters, Monkeys make excellent companions and can be a true joy to spend time with. Their wit often has people in fits of laughter and there is just something so silly about their humor that you simply cannot be annoyed with them, no matter how bold or shocking their statements may be. Monkeys always seem to have a twinkle in their eye and tend to be jokesters, with an affinity for playing pranks.


Ba-Zi Monkeys tend to have thick skins, as insults and reprimands have very little effect on them. The Monkey is not an overly sensitive animal, but an analytical one. Anyone attempting to hurl insults at them in an effort to hurt them will be doubly frustrated when they bounce off the Monkey, and more so if the Monkey simply laughs at them. To a confident and competent Monkey, the only reason they could imagine for someone saying nasty things about them would be because that person is jealous, so why bother getting upset about it? The flip side of their confidence is that, if it goes unchecked, Monkeys can become arrogant, selfish, and vain.

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