Traditional and Serious

In Daoism’s Ba-Zi tradition, the Ox is conventional and likes routine. They have no tolerance for rebellious personalities, and believe that doing things "by the book" is what leads to the best outcome for everyone involved. Their steady demeanor is such that they tend to take all activities - even those that are intended to be fun - quite seriously. With an Ox, movie night with popcorn can turn into a diligent discussion about plot, characters, themes, and how to pop popcorn to perfection. An Ox’s friends and loved ones will find the Ox’s serious approach to these types of activities endearing and charming but, at times, also exasperating.

Patient and Disciplined

The Ox is highly patient, which is one of the qualities that makes them so endearing. They tend to be slow-burning as opposed to quick to ignite,so it takes an Ox a long time to become angry, a long time to forget a wrong, and a long time to open up and develop relationships. They are patient, methodical, and disciplined in everything they do, and the sheer tenacity that Oxen use to accomplish their goals is often admired by others.

Loyal and Selfless

Once an Ox accepts someone into their circle of trust, they are extremely loyal. An Ox will never betray someone they care about, and will go to the ends of the earth to protect and care for that person. Oxen are truly selfless. For those that they care about, an Ox will gladly toil away at a difficult task, and will prefer to suffer in silence and carry the load squarely on their own shoulders.

Hard-working and Resilient

Oxen are firm believers in working hard for what they want, and don’t believe in taking any shortcuts. To an Ox, work is something that is welcomed, and can even be used as an outlet for coping with any other difficulties in their life. Oxen view work is a remedy that cures all ills, so a silent Ox who does nothing but work day and night is certainly dealing with something else. An Ox believes that, with enough hard work, any obstacle can be overcome, and this approach to life makes the Ox one of the most resilient animals of the Ba-Zi. But this tenacity can veer into stubbornness, and can prevent the Ox from listening to anyone else once their minds are made up.

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