Mysterious and Charming

The Snake of the Ba-Zi is filled with mystery and charm. Snake personalities possess many subtleties, and are typically endowed with a uniqueness and an elegance that is captivating to others. Snakes tend to be very charming, with great wit and an intellectual sense of humor that makes them very enjoyable to be around. The mysteriousness allure of a Snake tends to make them very sought-after in terms of company and companionship.

Wise and Sophisticated

The Snake is wise, perhaps the wisest of all the animals in the Ba-Zi, and also the deepest thinker. Snakes love a good riddle and they tend to move through life in a cautious, seemingly gentle sort of way.They tend to be soft-spoken and mild-mannered, giving the impression that they are pondering something or, at the very least, calculating everyone and everything they come into contact with. There is a very strong aura of sophistication about the Snake, which makes them intriguing to others. Snakes are philosophers and love to engage in philosophical discussions where they can explore their understanding of life and the Universe.

Introverted and Instinctual

Snakes have a rich, inner world and place a high value on their own conscience and sense of morality. Snakes value their own space, and engaging in contemplative thought helps them reach a greater physical and spiritual understanding of both the world and themselves. Snakes tend to be very certain in their thoughts and beliefs, trusting their own innate instincts before anything else. Outsider advice will be listened to by the Snake, but ultimately they will trust their own judgment, and decisions will be based on whatever they feel is right.

Self-controlled, but Intense

In a time of crisis, the Snake is probably the best of all the animals in the Ba-Zi to be around. They have incredible self-control which enables them to deal with any situation with an incredible degree of confidence and calm. They have a strong internal sense of responsibility, and an ability to calmly and cooly evaluate all available information before making a decision. However, Snakes are not entirely immune from their emotions. They can be quite superstitious and can be very intense and vindictive when it comes to settling old scores. When they have been hurt, angered or upset, their entire demeanor can turn to ice, and they can patiently wait years if necessary to enact revenge on whoever wronged them.

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