Simha (Lion)

Warm-hearted and Generous

Simha people tend to be good natured, hopeful, and magnanimous. They seek to be helpful to others, and are quick to forgive and forget others’s shortcomings and mistakes. Their wam and generous nature enables them to feel free and outspoken, and tends to make them popular and well-liked due to their gregarious and rather extroverted inclinations.

Brave and Confident

Being a fiery sign, Simhas are never lacking in bravery and confidence. Their bravery comes from a deep sense of optimism, and they tend to be hopeful regarding most matters. Their confidence also makes them comfortable with positions of authority and leadership, and they never hesitate to follow their own intuition, giving them a rather independent streak. Of course, abundant natural confidence can come with some drawbacks, such as over-confidence, which means that Simha people can be hasty decision-makers who can overlook the negative aspects of any plan. They can also be prone to flattery, as such praise can be an intoxicating catalyst for reinforcing their own confidence in themselves.

Ambitious and Determined

Simha people also tend to be quite ambitious and determined. When combined with their natural confidence and gregarious nature, this can make Simha good leaders. But this ambition and determination can sometimes lead them astray, making them come across as domineering and overly-forceful in spite of their good intentions. For a Simha, balancing their confidence and determination with a healthy dose of restraint is the key to maintaining balance in relationships.

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Public Figures That Are Simha (Lion) in Hinduism