Mayan Tradition

Death (Cimi)

Generous and Helpful

Despite the ominous-sounding name, the Death sign in T’Zolkin actually represents generosity and helpfulness. Someone with this sign tends to be willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, using their selfless nature to better their community. In fact at times they can actually be too selfless, so it is recommended that they take time out for themselves on occasion to avoid becoming burned out or resentful.

Open-minded and Catalytic

Death signs are known for being catalysts of change. Transformation is a key theme in their personality, and they tend to be catalysts in helping other people or organizations to make changes and evolve.

Wise and Calm

With a helpful demeanor and an inclination to help facilitate change, Death signs also tend to possess a wisdom and a calmness about them that helps them become good mentors and teachers. They are natural mediators as a result, and their wisdom and emotional intelligence helps them and others to reach their goals.

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Public Figures That Are Death (Cimi) in Mayan Tradition