Bold and Courageous

Tigers are defined by their boldness and courage. They tend to be brave and resilient fighters, who don’t shy away from adversity and are eager to be the first one to lead others to take on challenging tasks. In centuries past, it would most likely have been a Tiger to lead a cavalry charge against a fearsome foe. The daring of Tigers makes them natural leaders, though they sometimes get carried away with their emotions and so aren’t necessarily the most even-keeled or objective of leaders. That being said, their natural courage and boldness provides them with the ability to inspire others and sway a crowd to their way of thinking.

Powerful and Energetic

The Ba-Zi Tiger is a powerful force of frenetic energy. They are usually someone you can’t miss, and have a boisterous appearance and energetic zest. They tend to have a rebellious streak, and don’t enjoy being told what to do. For this reason (especially in younger years) Tigers can often find themselves getting in trouble with authority figures if they aren’t careful.

Passionate and Sensitive

Despite their boisterous, bold nature, the Tiger also possesses a deep, internal, emotional side as well. Tigers can be quite sensitive, and tend to have large egos that are easily bruised. As a result, they can get offended rather easily, and when this happens one should be prepared to experience the passionate, emotional side of the Tiger, which can come with plenty of Tiger-like mighty roars and bared teeth. If a Tiger is feeling offended or particularly down and out, the surest way to cure this is to direct lots of affection and sympathy towards them to try and make things right.

Protective and Generous

In Eastern culture, Tigers are revered as the animal that protects households from their main threats, such as thieves, or robbers. Indeed, Ba-Zi Tigers are known for being extremely protective of others, and will defend the rights of animals, children and the elderly with all of their might. No other animal in Ba-Zi is as protective as a Tiger, and as a result people tend to feel very safe and comforted when a Tiger is around. The circle of warmth and safety that a Tiger provides extends to how they treat others, and Tigers tend to be generous, kind and warm-hearted overall.

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