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Philippe Geluck

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian comedian, humorist, television writer and cartoonist, who sold more than 14 million albums worldwide. He studied at the INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle, National Higher Institute of the Arts of Spectacle). His best-known work is the comic strip Le Chat (The Cat), which is one of the ten bestselling Franco-Belgian comics series.Geluck created Le Chat in 1983, for publication in the daily newspaper Le Soir. By 1987, the strip is published in multiple newspapers and the first album in what will become a long series is put in print. In the 2000s, Le Chat went global, being translated into several languages and reproduced beyond French-speaking regions, such as the United States and Iran.While drawing Le Chat, Geluck also published other albums and series: Le Fils du Chat, Docteur G, Encyclopédies Universelles, Les Aventures de Scott Leblanc, Geluck se lâche.Geluck is also a theatre actor, and well known to the French-speaking public as a television personality, with his own shows (Lollipop, L’esprit de famille, La Semaine infernale, Le Jeu des dictionnaire) and as co-host with Laurent Ruquier and Michel Drucker.In addition to having received other honours, King Albert II of Belgium made him a Commander of the Order of the Crown (Belgium) in 2009.

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Some of their strengths

Philippe Geluck has many admirable traits.

Based on spiritual traditions from around the world, they are someone who can be described as Artistic, Intuitive, Perseverent, Creative, Loyal, Intense, and Smart.

Strong and Diligent

According to Mysticism’s Astrology tradition, Philippe Geluck is someone who is a strong, diligent, and trustworthy person who approaches life with honesty and perseverance, but who is also physical, sensual, and artistic. A person who is known for being a good communicator.

Soulful and Intuitive

Based on Daoism’s Ba-Zi or ‘Chinese Zodiac’ tradition, people who know Philippe Geluck well know them as someone who can be graceful, romantic, and reserved, like gentle rain.

Altruistic and Innovative

According to Hinduism’s Jyotisha or ‘Vedic Astrology’ tradition, many would also describe Philippe Geluck as someone who is altruistic, inventive, energetic, and socially-conscious.

Who is inventive, open-minded and inquisitive, optimistic and cooperative, and who loves working together with others.

Social and Intuitive

Based on the Mayan Tzolk’in or ‘Mayan Astrology’ tradition, Philippe Geluck is someone who values forming deep friendships and relationships, and who has strong intuition and reasoning skills .

They are also someone who is mysterious, intuitive, and diplomatic, and who has a keen intuition, charisma, and a focus on balance and partnership.

Patient and Compassionate

According to Judaism’s Kabbalah tradition, Philippe Geluck tends to be someone who approaches life with grace and compassion, and who has a powerful and commanding personality. Who can be analytical, patient, and deliberate, avoiding risks and seeking out stability instead.

Some of Philippe Geluck's challenges

While Philippe Geluck has many strengths, nobody is perfect. They also have some challenging traits they need to manage.

For example, Philippe Geluck can be Stubborn, Idle, Emotional, Standoffish, Indecisive, Unrealistic, and Anxious.

Stubborn and Idle

One of Philippe Geluck's key challenges is that they are someone who can be seen as stubborn and, at times, lazy.

Anxious and Inflexible

Philippe Geluck is someone who can be high-strung, impatient, and inflexible, who can be "penny wise and pound foolish", have poor listening skills, and who can be intolerant of people who share a different world view.

Materialistic and Aggressive

Finally, Philippe Geluck also can be materialistic, emotional, aggressive, stubborn, inconsistent, and be prone to big temper outbursts.

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